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Services Offered

Basic account

The very simplest and least expensive option for you is to purchase a basic user account. This will include personal web space, with the following web address:


with your personal alias filling in for "YOURNAME." You will also have access to the Unix shell (so you can work on your site from any Internet location), and a personal mailbox on Rdwarf.net for your alias.

You can access your mailbox through standard e-mail clients, such as Eudora, Netscape Communicator, or Outlook Express. You can also access it via your associated web page, or the Unix shell, if you prefer.

Cost: $10.00 per month

You may add any of the following to your basic account. To figure out monthly cost, simply add the price of the service(s) you desire to your basic account.

Domain registration

Thank goodness for Lou! My domain registration came due and my spamcatcher threw away the warning e-mail. He was on top of it, though, and registered it for me.
-- C. Collier, web design, development, & maintenance

You may register a domain yourself for use here, or have Lou Erickson (the Rdwarf.net owner/sysadmin) register the domain name for you. As long as the name is available, he's happy to do so.

Lou will either use the registrar you choose, or the one he uses. The firm he prefers over the industry "standard" provides excellent service, costs less than half of what the industry "standard" costs, and updates more promptly.

If you have any other questions on registering a domain, please feel free to contact Lou and ask. He'll be happy to walk you through the process if you'd prefer to register your domain name yourself.

Note! Even if you ask Lou to do your domain registration for you, you will own and control your own domain. Many domain hosting services retain ownership of domains they host, and charge an additional fee if you wish to transfer to another host. That is emphatically not Rdwarf.net's policy.

Additional benefits

Having your domain hosted on Rdwarf.net provides some additional capabilities. For example, you will have the ability to send and receive e-mail for your domain, addressed to your basic user account on Rdwarf.net. For example, your e-mail could be:


with "YOURNAME" being the name you've chosen for your basic account, and "YOURDOMAIN" being the domain name you've registered for your personal use.

We also provide you with the ability to send and receive e-mail as the webmaster and postmaster for your domain, with replies being collected into your basic account's mailbox on Rdwarf.net.

Cost: $5.00 per month plus the annual cost of registration (varies depending on registrar used)

E-mailing lists

The mailing list program can be set so mailings appear to come from your domain. Mailing list administrators can configure both their mailing lists and their archives on the Rdwarf.net site, to suit their personal preferences. Also, there is a way to easily enter an entire list of subscribers.

Cost: $5.00 per month per mailing list

Spammers are strictly forbidden on Rdwarf.net. We're sorry to have to say this, but anyone discovered spamming will have their account terminated immediately, with no refund.

Other Services

There are other services available on Rdwarf.net, such as secure web support, extra e-mail boxes, form letters, password-protected pages, etc. Price varies depending on your needs, so please inquire, and we'll get started right away.

Cost: varies

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